Zazuka w/String Quartet – “Hudna” Single

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05 Nov Zazuka w/String Quartet – “Hudna” Single

The story for this song that I recorded with a string quartet in March 2017 is, I was sitting and waiting for my plane in Atatürk Airport in Istanbul, and decided to pass the time by striking up a conversation with the woman next to me. It turns out she was volunteering for a humanitarian organisation and was on her way home with her colleagues who had been visiting Syrian refugees outside of the official camps, away from anything we would call “civilisation”. As she was telling me her story and holding back the flood of emotions, the thing that struck me most was what one woman living in this abandoned area told her. She said, “We don’t want anything from you…except that you tell our story.”

The reason I was convinced that I had to sing this song, was because in me, through ancestral memories passed on through the womb, there is a Circassian woman shouting, “We don’t want anything except that the world knows our story after everything has been destroyed.” So I dedicate this song to every human who has been forced out of his or her home.

The proceeds will all go to helping refugees build their lives in Berlin and be once more something more than just “refugees”.

Recorded with a string quartet in March 2017 in Babelsberg. Credits are in the video description on Youtube. Streaming and download links are below:

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