“Turn Everything” Single Out

zazuka turn everything

25 Oct “Turn Everything” Single Out

So my first single is out with a lyric video.

Turn Everything” was written as music years ago but the lyrics and form crystallised in early 2017.

It’s basically my quirky way of sending my wish out there for people to take more action in their lives instead of escaping “waking life” through various distractions and addictions. When I sing “Fade everything into black”, I am thinking the blackness and darkness- it is not a necessarily bad thing. The dark can be an amazing place for rebirth. Click here to hear it.

This song and my next song were both recorded in March by the amazing troupe credited below. They really got what I had in mind and added their own interpretational flair. Do yourself a favour and enjoy with headphones. Fabian’s double bass solo, Maria’s vocal harmonies, Matthias’ bassy frame drum, Mari’s warm viola tones and Felix’s amazing mix all get an extra good “1 up” with headphones.
Streaming and download links in the first comment. I will keep adding shops and platforms over the coming days as they appear so that everyone’s personal favourite streaming app is included.

For now, here it is on iTunes: “Turn Everything”
On Spotify: Turn Everything
And on Musicload: “Turn Everything

Written and composed by Zeina Azouqah Bilgili
Recorded and mixed by Felix “Telix Tonmeister” Trawöger
Piano and Vocals: Zazuka
Violin and Vocals: Maria Reich
Viola: Mari Häring
Double Bass: Fabian Timm
Percussions: Matthias Haffner
Artwork by: Neda Ahmadi