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zazuka and junodori double concert during berlinale
Zazuka and Junodori Double Concert

In the 2nd and 3rd weeks of February, all of Berlin will be a-buzz with boozing, schmoozing film-makers. Meanwhile Zazuka and Junodori will make an escape from their respective roles as filmkomponistin and filmmischmeisterin (don't you just love German compound nouns?!) to tickle the ivories...

music video, lyric video
“Bsaat Irreeh” Music Video

The music video (a lyric video) for "Bsaat Irreeh" with a translation in the description is here. Enjoy....

Zazuka Double Concert with M. C. Weber

Zazuka will be playing a live set, solo piano & voice in Deriva Neukölln. She will present her own brand of Jordanian Arabic Indie music as well as some original material in English. Joining her on the stage for a couple of songs is M. C....