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zazuka and junodori double concert during berlinale
Zazuka and Junodori Double Concert

In the 2nd and 3rd weeks of February, all of Berlin will be a-buzz with boozing, schmoozing film-makers. Meanwhile Zazuka and Junodori will make an escape from their respective roles as filmkomponistin and filmmischmeisterin (don't you just love German compound nouns?!) to tickle the ivories...

Zazuka feat. G. Hartyáni // Rasha Nahas

Zazuka will be playing a double bill with Rasha Nahas on October 28th at Mad Monkey Room in Prenzaluerberg. The evening will feature Gábor Hartyáni....

Zazuka Gigs in Berlin

Zazuka Quarzett played a gig with Kassiopeia at Junction in Kreuzberg, Berlin on the 19th of July. Here is a snippet from the audience. The next performance will be in bek'ech anti-cafe in Wedding, Berlin on the 14th of September....