Recording new Zazuka music under way!


27 Mar Recording new Zazuka music under way!

Zazuka recording has started for both new songs and new film music! There are regular updates on Instagram including video snippets from the control room! Frame drums of all shapes and sizes and a Contrabass provided the rhythmic foundation, while strings soared and played above.

Somewhere in the middle of the “soundwhich” there was a piano as well.

The songs were written in November of 2016 and were rehearsed in two sessions before going into the studio while the film music was written one night before the session and performed for the first time in the studio.  This just goes to show how differently music pieces are manifested. At times it is immediately clear what the intent of the music piece is and how it should be executed and at other times it is mulled over for months before being caught in one interpretation onto tape, or in this case, digitally captured.

Here’s one picture of a Riq, which is the Middel-eastern relative of the Brazilian Pandeiro. It’s a frame frum with jingles on…what more could one want in a percussion instrument?

recording percussion riq

Riq- a kind of daf or frame drum