“One Like Him”

Film composer
queer cinema, queer film, rosedagen, wizzy, xposed
About This Project
a young man light s a cigarette for the man sitting accross from him at a table in a dark bar.

directed: caitlin french mcleod
music: zazuka na dwizzy

The film “One Like Him”, which I scored and produced the soundtrack for in 2021, is finally coming to Berlin!

It made its world premiere at the Rosedagen Festival in the Netherlands and now it will make its German premiere on 27.5.2022 at the Xposed Film Festival in the “Cracks Belong” programme.
More infos here.

The film, written by Tarek Baconi, directed by Caitlin McLeod and produced by Jessica Palmerozza of Flumeri Films, is a one of a kind surreal exploration of emotions accross time and place.
I loved the whole process and I’m very grateful for the whole team.

What the filmmakers say: “In some ways, ‘One Like Him’ is the most basic love story, in others, it is revolutionary, as expressions of love can be. This story is about vulnerability, about exposing oneself entirely, despite insecurity and fear of rejection.”

Wizzy wrote the song “Il Mokhtalif”, which we placed in a couple of the film scenes, and I produced it.
It will be released this summer, I’m so excited for it.