Kidz Klang and Babylon Orchestra

babylon orchestra, wagenburg lohmühle

30 May Kidz Klang and Babylon Orchestra

June is a very exciting month for me! I will be rocking it out with my zrio (piano/drumz/viola/singz) at the Kidz Klang in Wagenburg Lohmühle and then cleansing my spirit with the Babylon Orchestra at the Passionskirche in Berlin.

There is some serious talent on board at both events! At the Lohmühle event, Kidz Klang, we are 3 acts who are all somehow from what mainstream society would call fringe groups. I say we’re from the interesting parts of society– the parts with the good stories yet to be told 😉 Free entry with wheelchair/baby buggy access because the event is supported by the kickass MusicBoard Berlin and organised by the wonderful Ruby Tuesday Music (music and hiphop camp for girls) and the magical Circle of Dolphins! As for the concert with Babylon Orchestra, tickets are on sale here.

So there’s something special about June. I get to have both the day out in the park full of laughter and sun as well as the evening in the reverberant chambers of the church. Aaaah, balance.