“NICO” – my first Feature Length Film Score

NICO- Dir. E. Gehring

02 Feb “NICO” – my first Feature Length Film Score

January 19th 2021 marked the premiere of the first feature film I scored, along with Doro Bohr. “Nico” started its festival journey at the Max Ophüls Film Festival in the competition. It is directed by Eline Gehring and produced by Sara Fazilat, who also stars as the film’s lead “Nico”. The film starts off as an unassuming, cheeky Berlin comedy but quickly spirals into a dark almost documentary style tale of how the protagonist Nico arises from a traumatic event with a new understanding of her relationships to others.It’s written by Eline Gehring, Sara Fazilat and Francy Fabritz and was shot in an improvisatory style based on their scene-skeleton.

When I first moved to Berlin, Sara Fazilat invited me to an ice cream and a walk around the Maybach Ufer in Neukölln. We talked about languages, film, being migrants and living in Berlin in general. She has so much to share and I’m telling you, she’s going to move mountains in this society. We have since worked together often (e.g. “Revolvo”), and I’m so happy to see her career as an actor and producer take off. She won the Newcomer Award for Best actor at MOP already!

If you’re curious about which direction the music took: here is an excerpt from the score.