New Album out October 4th! Place your orders now!

zazuka new album

26 Sep New Album out October 4th! Place your orders now!

The new album is out on October 4th.

This labour of intense joy, pain and love is finally ready.

Most of this album is woven out of haunting vocal harmonies and lush chamber pop arrangements, but there are also bare-minimum singersongwriter tracks contrasting with sprawling orchestral landscapes.

There are so many people to thank, from my family and friends to people who made it out to shows and messaged me to tell me that they enjoyed the music or were touched by it some way. This motivated me to document those live songs as a CD after all and go through that surreal and rewarding exprience of crowdfunding through startnext which further proved to me that there are people who believe in this music.

Long story short: order it via the online stores on my >>linktree<<

Or via >>bandcamp<< (in abbreviated form, as it includes one cover song and covers aren’t allowed on bandcamp)

Enjoy and drop a line to hello(at)zazuka(dot)com for a physical copy.

Last but not least, there will be a show at Werkstatt der Kulturen on the 18th of October featuring femme-celle Ashia Bison Rouge. >>TICKETS HERE!<<