“Khadhaar” Music Video is Out


11 Mar “Khadhaar” Music Video is Out

“Khadhaar – خضار” is the first track on my eponymous album ‘Zazuka’, which I released independently in October 2019.
The official music video hand-painted by Neda Ahmadi is now out.

Some facts:
– The video took 3 years to make from conception and demo recordings to the final result.
– The int’l team consisting of 1 Animator, 8 Musicians and 1 sound engineer come from Iran, Spain, Japan, Australia, Jordan and, of course, Germany, where we recorded.
– 2,200+ seperate frames (and that’s just the takes included!) were hand painted with ink on glass.
– 2 computers and 1 file server gave their lives for this project!