July Gigs and Folklore

mythology, pantheon, rain goddess

29 Jun July Gigs and Folklore

In the hot summer months I had a thirst for inspiration from new or old, forgotten sources. Not finding anything that really resonated with my current state in the new market, I went back to folklore for a new spark.

Then I found it. It came in the form of a painting by Abdulah Birsir. In it, children are propping up a scarecrow-like representation of the Adigean rain goddess Hentseguasche, who is invoked in the drought-stricken month of July to bring rain to the dry farms.

So that’s exactly where I kept digging for inspiration. Since I am Circassian (Adige) by ancestry, I thought to revisit some old folklore and mythological tales from my ancestral roots. It’s that simple. Sometimes, you have to look inwards instead of out and around you for inspiration. Certain aspects of my identity as a third or fourth culture kid aren’t often called out to be present in my everyday life, so I am happy to be able to share them in my next shows. On the 5th in be’kech and on the 14th in Zimmer16 with my buddy Gábor Hartyáni on cello, where we also play some Romanian and Hungarian folk medleys.

Also, some prints like the one pictured in this post will be available in different formats at the shows. They are high-quality, fade-resistant rubberblock prints of folk and mythology motifs.

**update: I will be playing a show with the wonderful Hamburg Singer-Songwriter Fräulein Frey in Hamburg on the 8th of July. Click here for more info!