More Culture-Fusion – “Erbarme Dich”


23 Nov More Culture-Fusion – “Erbarme Dich”

An arrangement of J. S. Bach’s Aria “Erbarme Dich” from the St. Matthew’s Passion which I wrote for Contratenor Rebal Alkhodhary and the Babylon Orchestra of Berlin soloists is to be performed three times this year. One of the most beautiful venues for this transformative piece was St. Hedwig’s Cathedral in Berlin.

It is an intercultural version/interpretation can be found here which I arranged and Mr. Alkhodhary added an improvisation on a Sufi text by Al-Hallaj to it.

The musicians who contributed their beautiful interpretation to this experience are:

Valentina Bellanova -ney
Farhang Moshtagh – kamanche
Noga-sarai Bruckstein -violin
Emilia Viktoria Lomakova – cello
Wesam Karema – accordion
Peter Kuhnsch – percussion

It was performed on the 26th of September at the opening of artist Rebecca Horn’s installation “Glowing Core”.