August Focused!


03 Sep August Focused!

August was an awakening for me in many respects. After a month of frustration with the organisatory aspects of the musician’s life, I decided to retreat into my writing cave and put my head down to work on new material. “Bye for now, world– I know what I have and I’m going to hone in on it.” Pens out! Shut the laptop! Just then, an e-mail fluttered into my inbox. I had received a scholarship to take part in a 10-day marathon of workshops and networking for female media composers.

Soundtrack_Cologne, Germany’s biggest media composers convention, organised it, and here’s a little statistic to help you understand why they thought this was necessary. Of 1,000+ episodes of Germany’s most famous crime series “Tatort”, only 20-something were composed by women. So women have to step up and men have to reach out more actively so we can bridge the gaps and acheive equal opportunity. Simple. But also apparently not. We have a long way to go.

What an inspirational bunch I met at the STC and later at c/o pop. It was an honour and a pleasure to be among so many knowledgeable, witty, talented XX individuals.