Zazuka is the artist name of Jordanian-born Berlin-based composer, sound designer and songwriter Zeina Azouqah. Her at times atmospheric and at times percussive music utilizes both acoustic as well as electronic elements.  She started her path in music as a keyboard and piano player in bands, theatres and sufi poetry groups. Through these multicultural experiences, she developed an authentic style for intercultural music  arrangements and composition. Some of her pieces have been performed by the renowned Deutsches Filmorchester Babelsberg and the intercultural chamber ensembles in Berlin.


As a singer-songwriter she has released two chamber-pop and classical crossover singles (“Turn Everything” and “Hudna” with string quartet) and has released her eponymous first album in October 2019. Various versions of her songs and arrangements have been performed by singers of all genres from Arabic Classical to Opera to Cabaret.


Since moving to Germany in 2009, she completed her studies in Film and Animation in Nuremberg and stepped into the film music world, scoring various short and medium-length films and working as a score editor for feature film productions, as well as providing sound design for animated films. Samples from film scores from live strings to electronic soundscapes are available here.


Track15 Female* Composers Collective

AWFC Alliance of Women Film Composers

ATEM e.V. Rockcamps and Creative Social Projects for Girls*

WiFTG Women in Film and Television Germany

“…her Middle Eastern roots are combined with contemporary classical music into beautiful, absorbing songs.” –
“Her music is a pick-your-sound adventure: emotive piano; spirited strings; atmospheric rhythms; vocals from sensuous to mischievous…” – “my one thing”
A feature on the debut Album “zazuka” at Project Revolver.

Peer Raben Music Award 2020 (for the soundtrack to “Revolvo”)