Zazuka is the artist name of Jordanian-born composer, sound designer and songwriter Zeina Azouqah based in Berlin. Her at times atmospheric and at times percussive music utilizes both acoustic as well as electronic elements. She has composed for several short and medium length films, including a stop-motion animation called “wHole” which garnered many international prizes and screenings. More soundbytes from film scores from live strings to electronic soundscapes are available here. When she is not behind a computer keyboard or a music keyboard she’s on stages/in anticafes, taverns, churches/at women’s gatherings around Berlin with her songwriter project. Listen here.


Starting out on her path as a performer in the mid-2000s, she shared the stage with many artists in Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt, learning their songs and different styles along the way. From classical music and Sufi ritualistic chants to reggae, gnawa, pop-rock, folk-fusion and live piano for theatre and poetry evenings, she derived various elements to form her own music vocabulary. The result is a kind of “chamber pop” although she would rather defy category and say it is “anti-genre-fication music”.


Since arriving in her new home Germany nine years ago she became involved in electro-acoustic film scoring and sound design as well as orchestration and arrangement for East-West fusion ensembles such as Babylon Orchestra in Berlin. She has scored several short and middle-length films and worked as a score editor for feature films.


Selected Gigs:


Zolo, Zuo, Zrio, Quarzett are the solo, duo, trio and quartet formations of Zazuka respectively.

2005-2015 Zolo, Hand seeks Piano@Makan Cultural Space, Amman

Theater Musician and Zolo @LAU Theater Festival, 8th Edition, Beirut

Keyboardist for Kun.Fusion @Fete de la Musique, Amman

Keyboardist for Ruba Saar @Amman Summer Festival, Amman

Keyboardist for Sahar Khalife @Al Balad Festival, Amman

Keyboardist for Liqaa Band @Saqiat Al Sawy, Cairo

Keyboardist for Liqaa Band @Cairo Jazz Festival, Cairo

Keyboardist for Naissam Jalal Ensemble @Al Azhar Park, Cairo

2016 Zolo @Neruda Kulturcafe, Augsburg

2017 Zolo @Deriva – Double Concert with Maria Weber, Berlin

Quarzett @Junction Bar – Double Concert with Kassiopeia, Berlin

Zrio @be’kech, Berlin

Zuo @Mad Monkey Room, Double Concert with Rasta Nahas, Berlin

Quarzett @Fotostudio GeZett, Berlin

Keyboardist/Soloist for G. Hartyåni @United Skulls Productions, Berlin

Zolo with Live Painter @Art.City.People, Berlin

Keyboardist/Soloist for Faleh Khaless @United Skulls Productions, Berlin

2018 Zrio @Terzo Mondo – Double Concert with Junodori, Berlin

Zrio @sonntags.bureau, Berlin

Soloist/Arranger/Composer with Babylon Orchestra @Passionskirche, Berlin

Zrio @Kidz Klang Festival, Berlin

Zolo @be’kech, Berlin

Zuo @Zimmer16, Berlin

Keyboardist for Shingo Masuda @be’kech, Berlin

Keyboardist for Fräulein Frey @Schleswig Schwingt, Schleswig

Arranger/Composer with Babylon Orchestra Soloists @St. Hedwig Cathedral, Berlin

Beynel Milel Concert Series #8 @Rotbart, Berlin